PyQt 5 Browser

Created On 18. Apr 2020

Updated: 2021-12-29 02:20:31.375113000 +0000

Created By: acidghost
This is a little python browser built on top of QT5. This is a nice way to check how you can perform different operations with python. It is not directly possible to make this a standalone program that runs everywhere, since it will always require some dependencies that have to be installed on users machines. Most stuff built on C languages can be easier brought to executable. However if you want to run python executable on a Windows machine for example, you might want to start off checking programs that can turn the code in such.
For this to run you will need to install qt5 on of terminal.

After that run:

$ pip3 install sip pygt5

this will take some time so take your time and do something else.

For this you can use a python IDE as pycharm or genny to compile and run the code in a more organized manner. You can add the main file right away into a new project and run it from there. This was built with python version 3.6.5 If you have all libraries, and everything runs as expected you will see this:

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