A Guess Game For Console

Created On 11. Jul 2020

Updated: 2021-12-29 02:22:40.020112000 +0000

Created By: acidghost

This is a simple game based on Mastermind, where the user guesses an anime character. Check the code here https://github.com/TP19/CDGame

Very cool ASCII Art can be found here https://www.ascii.co.uk
Did you see the animator though? :gem:
I know I should not do it, but here I am sharing the zipped .exe file for my fellow weebz who can read only binary https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f-jYxi4pf1b0-SDiiXBUGFASljJYkzdP/view?usp=sharing
Open it on your own risk :shipit:
If you want to compile the code straight away run on Linux with installed packages sudo g++ main.cpp FCatDog.cpp, on Windows use something like code blocks or vs, and for Mac you've got xcode.
Also, make sure you've got that terminal window fullscreen.

Guess the characters, fork it, and keep hacking! :computer:

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