GrayHat 2020

Created On 06. Nov 2020

Updated: 2021-12-29 02:22:15.974721000 +0000

Created By: acidghost

Another great con that from now on will further stay virtually accessible. Amazing!
Gray Hat is a conference for everyone interested in cyber security with lots of CTFs, workshops, talks and fun.

All of the fun was centralized on discord and their website, and you can still get in and access a lot of the past activities The server will most likely stay fine next years and further editions of Gray Hat will be accessible on the same link.

There were over 40 workshops with over 100 hours of stream and activities. I managed to attend only a couple of them, but paying for the ticket for the access was totally worth it, as I could have all the materials, and I will still be studying from them the next months.

I reminded myself a bit on hacking web applications, and for this one I made a stream and to the accompanying walkthrough.

You can access both on the links below. It covers the same topics and techniques mentioned on this blog in OffSec and is a good training for developers and people in security to learn how to protect their web applications. Note that this content is educational purposes and it's just a short demo of what you can learn at such events. If you liked it, you should definitively attend the next one and participate.

Red Team and Biohacking villages had similar CTFs that were previously at DefCon. That's great, because usually with so much overwhelming content, there is 0 chance to see it all. Attending these cons consequently offer chances to complete the gaps from the previous ones.

However, this was the first time when Gray Hat had so many villages. Previous year there was only 1 and this time there were 12! Allowing virtual attendance surely brings more crowd from the hacker community, and following this year's 'Assimilated' theme, it worked out quite well :grin:

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