DefCon 28 Safe Mode Short Overview

Created On 10. Sep 2020

Updated: 2021-12-29 02:22:47.738179000 +0000

Created By: acidghost

DC 28 took place online it was one of the nicest virtual interactive events where everyone could participate, make real connections and have fun. This time everyone around the world could attend.

How it took place:

The event was taking place on Discord, here you go some instructions how to access the server
Tens and tens of new channels were appearing all the time, it was very hard too keep up with everything especially for newcomers like me who wanted to see everything :sweat: I missed some cool challenges, but maybe next year will work out better :grin:

Each year DefCon has a hackable badge, and this year it was an audio cassette that needed to be hacked to find out the puzzle behind. Read about it here Defcon 28 Badge

The con was driving itself interactively with most villages that had their own talks and CTFs. Each village specializes in its own hacking sphere ranging from aerospace to lockpicks and much more.

I couldn’t manage to check out all the CTFs around, but I was in time to play a bit in Red Team’s, BioHacking Village’s and IOT’s ones. Short write ups of some challenges can be found on this site. You can check the recordings to see what they were about. I heard some of Red Team's CTFs can still be accessed on those links :shipit:

Red Team

What else?

Knowledge. This type of knowledge you don’t get from your local yanki intellectuals. Tools, ideas and merchandise oriented towards hacking from the coolest hackers in the world can be anything we can’t imagine. The aerospace village even had free stickers. Free stickers for everyone! :grin:
Here are mine

I wonder if they have some microdot surveillance systems inside :shipit:
Here are some cool projects and references that were mentioned and might help newcomers understand better what can be done at such events :grin:

Some Culture

Aerospace Village

Cool Projects

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